Emulator for ios (gamecenter accounts)

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I am wondering if there is an emulator out there so we can use our ios gamecenter account to play this game via pc/mac. Also if there is can you still play on your phone and everything stays synced up?

Thanks for any info!


  • Vos_Landeck
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    I use Bluestacks. It's a Samsung/Google Play emulator but you can link your iOS account through Facebook and then you can play on Bluestacks on your PC or you can play on your iPhone/iPad and everything stays synced up. You can switch back and forth at will, except you can't be logged into the game through both at the exact same time.
  • Asifab wrote: »

    Appreciate the info! Now to figure out how to link my ios account through facebook.

    Go to the settings menu on your account on GOH, the little gear icon in the upper left. There’s an option there for “Connect” which allows you to connect your account to Facebook. By the way, you can disconnect it from Facebook once you get Bluestacks set up. Once you set up the account on Bluestacks, it will ask you if you want to play on an existing account and then it will say you need to link to the old device. Then you go back to the settings on the GOH app on your phone to do the linking.
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