War tokens

Just got 400 tokens for the 4th white reward box (can remember that it had been 200 before the last update) but i only got 200... Don't know what is intended but there is sth wrong.


  • This is happening for me as well. I'm only getting half of what is awarded...
  • Davo
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    it happens a lot. they also bug out when you try to refresh your war shipments, when you hit pay 50 to refresh the game says you lack the currency no matter how many war tokens you have
  • Qeltar
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    This is a display bug only. The awards are 100, 100, 200, 200, 200, 400, every even chest.
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  • Davo
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    do you have a link to an admin or mod saying this?
  • Keaven
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    Davo wrote: »
    do you have a link to an admin or mod saying this?
    I don't have a link as there have been several threads on this topic and @EA_Jesse has replied to one.

    Thw GW refresh is 10 tokens, and has also been reported before. I suggested it may be buggy because every other refresh uses crystals, so it checks your crystal inventory before deducting the GW tokens, and the player reporting it tried this and it worked. So long as he had 10 crystals or more it would refresh and deduct his GW tokens. NB it does not charge you the crystals.
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