GR Vs Phase 3

Context: Guild in brink of making a serious first attempt at hAAT.

We now have a few CLSs and some alternatives to get us thru phase 1 which will be our biggest hurdle (based on AAT progress).
I have a zBas (Ezra, GMY, kanan +1) who can cope with phase 2, and FO who can solo phase 4. Other guild members have NS and others who can ensure 2 and 4 are easy.

Was looking at supporting phase 3 with GR squad - JKA leads AT with a selection from: R2, CloneSgt, Jcon, MW, Lumi.

My question: would it be worth it to farm either Eeth Koth from arena (droid damage boost) or QGJ (needs to be not node farmed toons as will need nodes for gear, etc)? Or should I chose from existing GR toons above?

Note: I don't have Revan or Jolie, nor GK


  • Hortus
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    You need exactly one CLS to get through P1 with "hit and run" tactics if player who executes it knows what to do (can count up to 7, look at TM bars, Use the Force in right time, begin retreat attempts at 5-6 turns before enrage, etc.) If even one of your members also have geared RHan then P1 can be soloed without retreats.The entire P3 can be consistently handled with just one Vader-Thrawn-CLS-Tarkin-Palpatine squad.

    If the above currently out of reach for you then it's still better not waste resources on useless toons just for HAAT. Farm toons which have other uses and has excellent HAAT performance, those who in classic ABC squad for example (Ackbar -BB8-CLS-Thrawn-Asajj).
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    Will be running the hit and run with CLS though as yet he's only omega'd and gr9.

    I'm farming AV thru arena store, 5* at the moment. Her and BB8 will need much gear and abmats, but others on ABC should be ok: g10 zzthrawn, g9 AA.

    If I run any non-universal buff team in phase 3, nightmare squad for instance, the cannon always kills a toon outright. How do you keep positive status buffs? Or do you just take the hit?

    And if I run cls nightmare in 3, who leads? I have EzPz, and zzthrawn; but CLS, tarkin and zader not leader zeta'd
  • Hortus
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    Well, P3 revolves around TM removal so if Vader lead is not zetaed it's not usable. In theory you can try Palp-Vader-Thrawn-Tarkin-CLS, but I don't think it will be enough to keep boss from taking too many turns considering his counterattacks. And you will need to be VERY accurate with Palpatine's specials to keep the team buffed when main cannon fires.

    The other way to ensure you won't be wiped by the cannon is to have a tank. Taunt counts as buff so the cannon will be easily kept in check (and Thrawn can keep tank at high protection) .

    You can try Teebo lead if you have one - Teebo-CLS-Thrawn is a must, then you need a good tank (I used STHan) and some last toon, preferably with TM remove (i don't remember which one I used).
  • I farmed teebo for pit raid, but never geared as FO subsumed the need. Will look into that. STH could work
  • You could also ask for help - there are any number of players out there (or alt accounts) that would probably be willing to help get you across the finish line if you get stuck - just need to get them in before you start the raid.

    Additionally, consider joining an alliance as they can formalize the process of getting those types of accounts in (along with recruiting for formerly independent guilds). I know of one alliance that is more than happy to share what it knows and provide help to eager and diligent start up guilds. DM me if you have questions.
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