Star Wars themed auction where I teach High School Science - Raffle sale

Hi all,
I'm pitching $20 charity raffle tickets. No trolling this time. Each ticket is $20. Currently selling ticket numbers 0271 through 0280.
Prizes are $1,000, 750, 500, 250, 100, 100, 100, 100, 100, 100. Drawing held Sat. May 4th.
Here is my school's phone number if you'd like to buy 1. I've screenshot the tickets and also the lab I teach in. We do cool stuff. I currently teach and what we are doing right now.
7th/8th grade life/earth science - energetics experiments right now. Heat capacity measurements in different materials relating that back land vs. water energetics
9th grade physical pre-chemistry energetics experiments.
10th grade bio - fruit fly dihybrid crosses and such.
11th grade physics - fluid Archimedes & Pascals problems and demos
7th/8th robotics - battery voltage and linkage and measuring motor RPM output. Lego Minecraft challenges.
The kids are getting a good experience with me. It's a small school (90ish middle high school students). You'd be supporting a place Yoda would support.
If you would like to call the main office to purchase a ticket go abead and they will direct you to the auction/raffle coordinator.
Phone - 5074373278
I will post screenshots of the raffle stub winning tickets. It'd be cool if 1 of the winners was 1 of my SWGOH fellow gamers.
Thanks for your time.
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