What I used to beat tier 7 of the Padme event on the second try with no mod swapping and only one ch



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    MuddiZabi wrote: »
    Is there anyone who did it without GG?

    I did with nute g9, zjango g11, g7poogle, g8 aasaj, g7 grievous(but he always died opening hit)gp5m99kiocpd.jpg
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    Whatelse73 wrote: »
    So, GG sucks, but if you already got him G12 and zeta'd along with B2 and Magnaguard to G12+, here's one event where you can use him and he'll be worthwhile?

    Good for those of you who dumped gear on them. I hope she's as worthwhile as they make her seem with the event version they put up against us.

    He doesnt suck he makes a really good sep droids
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