I have noticed that you can get wampa in the game, and I would like to know how I would get him, what characters I need to get him (if certain characters are needed, like with the Darth Revan event), and what squad he would go best with. I just want to say I'm only level 59, so if you need to be a certain level to get him too, please tell me.


  • Rath_Tarr
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    1) 'Galactic Bounties I' event but you'll need a strong Bounty Hunter squad so not for a while
    2) Guild Event store
  • Kokie
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    I have all the shards I need for 7* wampa but ever since all this legendary madness back to back I haven't unlocked and geared yet....maybe now that I decided to pass on padme I can finally do it
  • Wampa is unlockable in the Guild Events store, which is currency your guild will earn for Territory Wars and Territory Battles. Also via the BH event but that would require pretty well geared up bounty hunters.

    He’s very well worth it.
  • Would it be ok if I join a guild that has territory wars, I know I'm only level 59 but give me at most a month and I'll be at level 65
  • You will have to find a guild that can fit your needs, unfortunately I cannot help beyond advice.
  • Wampa is a 2 Zeta beast. Be ready with those when you do get him..
  • In this same store you can also farm Hermit Yoda who is a handy character. Will he be needed for Jedi Luke when he comes along? Probably, but definitely go for the character you prefer - all about enjoying the collecting for me!

    As for guilds - have a browse in the "Guild Recruitment" section on this forum. Definitely join a guild - don't stay in the training guilds as you don't benefit from the rewards as much, and you can still earn the achievements that you might have outstanding in a non training guild.
  • What squad would wampa be good with?
  • What squad would wampa be good with?

    Rex lead, throw in a tank and ready for 3v3. Add a couple of attackers and 5v5 ready.
    Officer in Ewoks Fit In Blenders. Traya, Wat & Negotiator on farm.
  • Wampa is great against Rebels, most commonly, the Phoenix squad in GA/TW. You can pit a strong Wampa solo against it or play safe using Rex, Wampa & Old Ben
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