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Hi, as of now I’ve been trying to put together a solid team for light and dark side, however, I feel like I need more direction and would like some advice on where to go. I was planning on doing a rebel team and a sith team but am unsure of how this will benefit me down the line. All responses are appreciated, thank you.

Edit: Currently level 63

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  • SemiGod
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    Rebels: CLS he is really good rebel sqaud but it requires 4 legendaries and 1 raid character for a metaish squad. I recommend farming Phoenix (ezra, hera, kanan, zeb, chop) cuz sabine is a hard and slow farm. While, spending hard nodes on bast / jolee (Jedi are OP & JKR) then, once you're finished with Phoenix you can use them to unlock Thrawn and Palatine which are 2 really good empire chars. Add tarkin Vader and TFP and ur chilling. You can then farm DR & malak and farm sith trooper for the ultimate with team.
  • Waqui
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    The standard advice for new players is to first farm phoenix (great synergy and they unlock both Thrawn and EP legendary characters), 3 more empire to unlock R2D2 and a couple og scoundrels for credit heists (you have Boba, Lando and Chewie already). Then farm the A New Hope rebels (ST Han, Farmboy, Old Ben, Leia) to unlock CLS.

    How is your fleet? If you are able to reach high ranks you could also go all-in on pilots to earn crystals every day.
  • Dukstarr
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    Do you have a guild? We have a secondary guild that is backed by a highly experienced 148Mil GP guild. Would love to help you develop. We are actively looking for players wanted to grow.
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