Padme 5* and 7* bare minimum to acquire, please post your results here


  • DavieJG
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    7* unlock

    zGG g12+2 (z on unique) lead
    zzAsaaj g12+3
    B2 g11+1
    Sun fac g12+3
    Geo spy g12+3

    Bespoke mods including 6dot health on GG. High damage on spy/asaaj. Potency/offense on b2. Tenacity/protection on sun fac.

    500 attempts for the stars to align.
  • Mr_Sausage
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    7 star Padme with this team.


    Played it roughly 50 times with my G11 zDooku, benched Dooku for my G8 Magnaguard and it took roughly 10 tries with that lineup.
  • RawdSW
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    GL12+2 zzAsajj, GL12 Sun Fac, GL12 Soldier, GL10 Spy, GL8 B2 - took a few tries, but all in all it was easier than any other squads I tried. My GG is G9 and I had zero luck with him in any of the setups - he always dies too fast without doing much.My Dooku is GL10 and he did more harm than good in any of the attempts.

    Sun Fac is a great tank at G12, if you have him geared for his ship, he can take quite a few hits.
  • DropItLikeItHoth
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    zzGG with all G12+ over 60k health
    zVentress with all G12+ modded for offense
    zB2 G12 no G12+ modded for potency
    IG-100 G8 basic mod set with protection
    Sun Fac G8 basic mod set with protection

    7* Unlock

    Tried for a long time without the second zeta on GG unique. Once I put on the second zeta I was able to do it on like my 6th try.
  • Optimus11
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    thats what I used for 7
  • Mordraneth
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    I got 7 star will this team in 4th attempt. Was not difficult. I have all Zetas except for Magna & Dooku
  • Got Padmé at 6 stars with this
  • I did it with Geos and Assajj.

  • Double zeta and both 12+ pieces on Asajj. No other zetas
  • botabu
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    7* achieved with the following:

    G12 zzGG
    G12 zzAV
    G12 Magnaguard
    G12 B2
    G11 Sun Fac

    Kill Padme as fast as possible while strategically using your buff dispel from SunFac, B2 and Magnaguard. Magnaguards taunt will go off first, and when he dies pop SunFac's taunt. they will take the beating which GG charges up.
  • PaulMinsc
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    7 star padme:
    zzg12+3 GG , zzg12+3 asajj , zg11 b2, g11 sunfac, g7 magna. asajj unique + gg unique mandatory IMO.
    150ish tries. lucky.
    Good luck all.
  • PaulMinsc
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    Oh. no omegas on sunfac and magna.
  • CHFC22
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    I did t5 with g12 zventress g12, zdooku g10, sun fac g12, spy g11, poggle g11.

    Ventress lead. Target padme with spy, but quit if GK gets his taunt up due to a counter, or she loses her buffs.

    Killing Anakin isn't all bad as it boosts ventress, even though he may get rez'd

    Biggest difference was putting my gmy offense mods on ventress, & my gk tank mods on sun fac
  • X3ina
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    5* unlock

  • Bill0207
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    I was able to beat tier 5 with dooku(g11) lead, g12 assaj, g9 B2, g8 sun fac and g9 grievous. The key for me was to keep spamming B2's buff immunity as much as possible and to kill padme then the jolee knock off first
  • Drazhar
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    Got her with Dooku g11 lead, g12 zz AV, g8 5* B2, G11 Sun fac and spy. Absolutely no crazy or even good mods, the fastest was Dooku with 235. It took 24 hours, got her exactly 24 hours after the event started. I tried only last evening and this evening.
  • Wailofsummer
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    Unlock 5*. Ok mods, but nothing special
  • @X3ina how did u have asajj modded
  • Struggling in t7 now.

    Using GG, Asajj, Spy, Magna and B2. All are g12 except B2; no zetas. I’ve gotten very close, so I’m planning on using a zeta tomorrow on GG’s unique and hope for the best.

    Other than that, my mods look like my kids rooms: shambles.
  • @Greeneya33 you can check my lol 846-381-324 ally code
  • Malachi
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    Got her 5* with this squad. All RNG, B2 landing buff immunity on 4/5 all the time was key.
  • x01kavh53inn.png

    7* unlock

    someone posted earlier about GG unique zeta and I agree; this is mandatory. This allowed my G8 dooku w/no omegas to provide value. The key is in the timing of B2's debuff special. If you lose a toon before this gets triggered, back out immediately. The most ideal is if you can debuff GK and get buff immunity up. Hit Padme, then move on to Fish. However, it doesn't hurt to stun Anakin in the meanwhile. He must be slowed. Also, if you can't get Padme within a few turns, it's game over cuz she's just going to spam prot up and team cleanse. Focus your stuns on her.

    This took me approx 3+ hours and 200+ tries to make work.

    Also, I moved my best mods around. On GG I had all health mods and all health primaries all 6 dot and with +112 speed. On Assaj I tried using CC and CD sets, but it wasn't working (and/or I wasn't getting good RNG) so I put my best offense mods on her - +1262 offense and +121 speed. For B2, I just focused on survivability - his health/prot total at 34k/74k. I didn't focus as much on potency as survivability was my focus; perhaps I should have, who knows? At least I finally got it done. With Magna i brought his speed to +105 while giving survivability - two health sets and a defense set. For Dooku, I just put some random set on him to get him +100 so he could at least dream of taking a turn
  • haysswa1
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    This is what I used
    Gg lead unique zeta, zdooku, zzventriss, sunfac and magna for tier 5. Subbed b2 for sunfac on 6.
    Extremely rng dependant and took multiple attempts. Used the kill padme 1st strategy
  • jjjwar
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    Passed 5 star with g12 geo soldier, g11 geo spy, g11 gg w/1 zeta, g10 assanj w/1zeta, and g9 b2. Took 40 trys.
  • jjjwar
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    Oh...and arena mods
  • Wxrlock
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    6* to this point, zetas only on asajj.. must kill Padme first.. took many tries to get to this point acldti3xay40.png
  • So in the rare case B2 manages to debuff GK - GK just cleanses it off - whats the way around this?? So annoying this event is - nothing about skill and all about RNG - really getting frustrated with this...
  • And there is something really odd with this event - for example I use g11 Magnaguard and I get smoked right out of the gate - they just zerg my team - no chance. But when I put in a g10 Dooku stuff seems to survive longer - makes NO SENSE.

    Feels like they scaled this event to gear somehow - it just feels like a rigged event...7hrs in and getting fast tired..
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