Padme 5* and 7* bare minimum to acquire, please post your results here


  • Zorach
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    7* unlock

    G12 GG
    G12 Asajj
    G12 Sun Fac
    G10 Ig100
    G9 B2
    Asajj only zetas.
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    zAsajj Lead G11
    Dooku G10
    Geo Soldier G10
    Poggle G10
    B2 G10 (5 star)

    Unlocked at 5 stars. After a few hundred attempts. Also came very close with Sun Fac G8 instead of Geo Soldier.

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    Took prob 150+ tries.
    Zz Asajj G12
    Dooku G11 (6*)
    Sun fac G8
    Magnaguard G8
    B2 G8 (5*)

    Kill order - padme, GK, Jolee copy, Anakin. Got lucky and the Jolee copycat did not revive GK and was able to take him out before his next turn.

  • marxuke
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    I got 5* Padme with G12 Grievous w unique zeta, G9 B2, G9 Droideka 6*, G8 Assaj, G1 IG-100 (lol).
  • X3ina
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    @X3ina how did u have asajj modded

    33,5k hp
    23k prot
    +100 speed
    222% cd
    73,5% tenacity
    3200 total offense
    50% cc
  • OrionAssante1
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    7* with all G12 plus arena mods....
    zzAV lead
    Sun Fac
    Basic strategy: kill Padme in 2 rounds or restart (use stun from gg/av so she doesn’t get a go)
    Don’t clear buffs on Padme and let Spy use special which can deal huge damage.
    :kill Anakin next without losing more than 1 toon or restart
    :kill fish jolee (plus Anakin if revived) without losing more than 1 toon.
    :hope u still have gg & av plus 1 more then keep fingers crossed.
    Good luck
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  • AloaGoa
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    7* with all G12 plus arena mods....
    zzAV lead
    Sun Fac
    Basic strategy: kill Padme in 2 rounds or restart (use stun from gg/av so she doesn’t get a go)
    :kill Anakin next without losing more than 1 toon or restart
    :kill fish jolee (plus Anakin for if revived) without losing more than 1 more toon.
    :hope u still have gg & av plus 1 more then keep fingers crossed.
    Good luck

    Without unique zeta on GG? Can you tell us how much health your GG has?

    Your used mod sets on your toons would be helpful, too.
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    All 6E health mods on GG (no zetas) except speed arrow and crit damage triangle. Total health was 34k (I don’t have the 2x 6500 health gear pieces)
    Offence and health sets on AV and Spy with speed arrow, crit triangle and offence cross.
    B2 and Sun Fac all protection (didn’t have much potency on B2 which may have made it tougher on me)
    Most mods were 6E with speed secondaries.
    Hope that helps!
  • kalidor
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    5* unlock with:
    - g12 zzAsajj lead (just g12 filled,no g12+)
    - g11 Grev (3 slots filled)
    - g11 dooku (3)
    - g9 6* b2 (3)
    - g8 magna (3)

    I really don't recommend it though :smile: as it took hundreds of tries, most of which used grev as lead. Switched to asajj lead this morning, and May 4th was with me.
    xSWCr - Nov '15 shard - kalidor-m
  • Yorha2b
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    7* unlock with:

    zzAsajj 12+5 with 194 speed / +1300 attack (lead)
    B2 12+2 with 191 speed 65k protection and some defense modded, crit avoid arrow
    Poggle the lesser 12+2 with 284 speed and focus on protection and armor
    Count dooku 11+2 with 288 speed 125 % potency
    Nute gunray 11+3 with 258 speed

    Around 6 Hours of trys
    Kill order:
    Padme - Anakin, Anakin and again Anakin, Jolee fishdo, GK, Mace
  • porterbela
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    5* with this. Didn't pick this team on purpose. Accidentally picked Nute. But took out Padme-Fish-Anakin-GK in that order.
  • Gorem
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    5 star unlock:


    Unlocking five star with that was hard, and my mods are all the same still if you look at my profile. Phew. That took some effort and time.

    Basically kill order was Padme-Anakin-Anakin-Fishlee-GK.

    GG was there for a stun maybe if he lived. Nute died instantly to feed Asajj, Asajj modded actually for HSTR still, max crit damage, able to one shot Anakin everytime he was revived. Main RNG was Anakins Health Gain Immunity debuff. As well as TM gains on Dooku/B2. As well as what abilities they used, as well as just general RNG, as well as turn order RNG, as well as....

    Yay for not having credits for this event.What a slog. Still, not worth it, really boring fight. Whose idea was it to put a auto taunting tank who aoe cleanses, with another aoe cleanser who makes them constantly have prot up, they both can aoe assist, combined with another healer who can rez and heal, combined with one dps who feels like hes' doing nothing besides being there to prevent Asajj wins.
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    Got me a 5 star padme!
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    No zeta on gg!
  • Simplow
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    7* unlock with
    ZzAV - G12 plus 2 pieces (lead)
    ZGG - g12 plus 2 pieces
    B2 - g10 plus 5 pieces
    Sun fac - g8
    Magnaguard- g8, lvl 82

    Got lucky at the end, Gk missed allowing asajj to heal and finish. only asajj and gg with ok mods, others just typical leftovers. It can be done!
  • GhostTruckin
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    TVF wrote: »
    Has anyone managed 7* without GG or Droideka?

    I did 6* with G12 Asajj Sun Face Spy Soldier, G8 B2. I can take B2 to G11 or maybe even G12, but don't know that it would get me there.
    @tvf I did, Asajj lead sf spy poggle b2
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    After about 18 tries, took out Padme first. Then took out Anakin next. Lucky me the fish did not respawn Anakin. So i quickly focused fire on fishface to end him. Rest was down to GG and Assaj vs Windu and GK. Stun Padme when you can. She heals everyone and it's game over then. If you can land buff immunity on GK, it massively helps. My B2 potency is 102% and he still barely got buff immunity applied half the time.
    But my GG is 100% maxed and Assaj has both zetas and B2 had his zeta.
  • Depablo
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    5 hours and 500 attempts later I finally got her 5* with no hope for 6 or 7 star lmao. Squad power was 81k - Everyone was 200+ speed - CD on Asajj and Spy.
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    Managed 6 stars with Assaj lead, dooku, sun fac, geo soldier and poggle. I dont have gg or any of the separatist droids geared up. Been trying all freaking day
  • Rac3track
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    Tier 5 - very RNG dependent.
  • VonZant
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    T5. Basically Asajj and Sun Fac are primary. Asajj was g12 +2 and a 6e CD set.

    Prioritize SF basic if Kenobi is taunting. Use his taunt on Anankin for offense down.

    Asajj aoe and peck away at whole team to remove their protection, then cleanse them of buffs and kill.

    Order - Anakin Padme Fishlee, GK. I killed Anakin first because his heal debuff is only threat. You basically want the rest of your team to die to pump Asajj up:

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    Did it with Asajj g12 don't even need sun fac or anyone else really just a few other units to soak up damage. 5*
  • dogwelder79
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    5* unlock with bad mods:
    7* g11 dooku leader, no zeta
    7* g11 assajj 1 zeta (special attack, I think)
    7* g11 geospy
    7* g11 sun fac
    6* g9 b2, no zeta
    All omegas, only 1 zeta on assajj. B2, the weakest toon, was paradoxically the key because of buff immunity. Sun fac's counter and dispel and taunt was also key.
    Extremely happy. :)
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    Took me like 150 attempts switching between the bugs and gearing Grievous and giving him his unique zeta. also unique zeta on Asaji. Feels like an achievement after all..
  • Rybos
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    7* unlock

    g12 zzGG

    g12 asajj no zetas

    g11 b2 with zeta

    g10 ig100 no zeta

    g9 nute

    its all depends on rng, i tried hundreds of times with g11 dooku instead of nute but never get close to beat it
  • ndwilson
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    I managed to beat the 5* and 6* tier with this rag tag squad43g6v9zxug5r.png
  • ndwilson
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    The 5* unlock wasn't too bad but the 6* tier took probably 100+ tries. Took out Padme first, then Anakin, then Anakin again when Fauxlee revived him. Then Fauxlee, then Mace (who is awesome in the event, devs can we get that Mace!) And finally GK. It was a nail biter at the end because GK got foresight on almost every turn so I had to pray I did enough damage on the turns he didn't get it.
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    5* i win?2yw7u7w9rk1n.png
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