Game freezing

My game is always freezing. Started in pvp (costing me wins and attempts). Now happening all the time. I wrote email and posted in technical issues and in bug reports. Got one email reply that gave no solution, just thanked me for writing the email. Don't know what to do so I'm writing here.


  • Sef
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    Same, since yesterday
  • Mine kept freezing while doing the daily challenges.
  • Same, and the game freeze might be a bug, but losing your squad and being registered as one attempt...that is not a bug, that is programming. And I understand the reasoning behind it, but the good are suffering under the bad. This is the most frustrating thing to happen..why even bother trying..if I can loose .. randomly.

    I'll just have to make another ticket then...... and another... cause this is unacceptable
  • DadKev
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    Game freezing is because you have an old phone. Updated mine and things work just great. Haven't frozen once since and would freeze at end of long battles all the time before.
  • Kyno
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