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So I'm sure by now enough people have Yoda, be it 5*, 6*, or 7.

So, tell some of your stories because in my opinion, Yoda has the ability (pun intended) to make some great moments.

Here, I'll start:

#YODAMOMENT: Kylo Ren on the opposing team in PvP does his lash out move, giving him retribution for 2 turns. Next, my Yoda comes in with a masterstroke and takes said retribution for 2 turns. A turn later, Yoda distributes said retribution to the WHOLE TEAM with battle meditation.
Then, the rain started: A full green Sidious on the opposing team performs his AOE. He was dead directly after because my ENTIRE team countered. Then, their full green Phasma performed her AOE, she was dead directly after that because again, my ENTIRE TEAM COUNTERED.

It was an amazing spectacle to see, and I jumped for excitement in slow motion, not believing what just happened.

Thought I'd share. Love to hear other unique situations that were plainly awesome like that one was. Wish I could post a screen shot but I don't know how.


  • He won me the last gw battle when he was up against 3 semi health toons (2 green and 1 red) all by himself by a witty combination of foresights and stuns
    Love him, he has such a broad skillset, when utilized in a smart way he can be so good
  • Getting all the buffs is the best!

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