New Sorting - in the management of Guild members

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I believe that we need to introduce another parameter sorting of Guild members: "Time in Guild".
This will allow, for example, to control the participants who give\do not give the materials to other participants. You can even say - in percentage terms. Well and, still thanks to this innovation it will be much easier to control the number of points scored by the participant for the Guild.
In fact, I am the leader of a strong Guild, and I myself often have to deal with the need to control my Guild.
In addition to the sorting in the management of Guild members, "Time in the Guild" can be added to the statistics page of the player. So this time can be seen immediately. By the way, you can also add "Time in the game". Too, and the sorting page, and the player statistics page.
This interface innovation is guaranteed to be very useful for everyone. Not even only for those, who monitors the time of members of his Guild, but for the interest of the players as a whole.
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