Who is the most important to gear?

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With the ideal lineup (CC, Wicket, Logray, EE, and Paploo), who should I focus on gearing the most?


  • They all should be G10+ (except Chirpa, I had him at G9 and I used Scout instead of Wicket). You need G11 on Paploo and G12 on Elder to make the event less dependent on RNG.
  • MasterSeedy
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    Our ewoks do wonderfully for us in TW. Quite a few in our guild have built them up for their own sake, not just for the event.

    To get through the event, I had g9 CC, g10 Logray & paploo, and g11 wicket & EE. But I also had zetas on both CC and Wicket.

    Since then I've gotten everyone up to g11 and added a zeta to Logray and I'm not a bit sorry. Well worth it. It's not just that they've won a few GA battles for me or that they typically take out 2-3 offensive squads when in the back row TW defense. They're also fun to play.

    So I'd pile on the gear until you hit g11. If they're not all g11 when the event hits, that's okay, and you don't even need EE @g12 but the event gets tons easier if you have more than one zeta on them. I was frustrated with RNG until I zeta'd wicket, then I finished on the 2nd try. The difference was vast. I probably could have finished with the gear I mentioned and only CC's zeta, but I just didn't want to spend my time banging my head against the wall. The game is supposed to be fun, right? So for me it was worth it to drop the extra zeta and have fun.
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    It is possible with +100-120 speed mods with main 5 G9. I'm using these with G10 Elder for less RNG. I got time to spare, Chewie took 10 hours of in-game attempts and multiple days, but I got it.
  • At least 1 g12 turns any of those characters into a nice punching bag. Which 1 doesn't matter but pap and EE make most sense
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