How Far Can I Go In The Next Palp Event?

I am currently looking forward for the Palp event. I have a phoenix squad, but i don't how far can i go in the event. I am currently trying to farm Hera, Chopper and Kanan to 5*.

Here is my roster if it can help


  • khelzac
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    A G7 on all of em would be enough for unlocking. That said, take em higher if you can. Better safe than sorry.
  • Thank you for your reply!
  • I'm also wondering the same thing.

    Only been playing a month but I have Phoenix team in preparation.

    5* for Ezra, Hera, & Chop.
    Kanan nearing 6* & Zeb nearing 7*.
    All into Gear 7 tier with 0-4 filled each.
    Acct Level 66.

    Here is my profile

    Is there a minimum level to play in the Tier-5 event? I know I won't be able to 6* him but even at 5* he'll help out my Empire team for the next 60 days till it comes back again for a 7* attempt.
  • GhostTruckin
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    Legendary restrictions are star based, So all you need is five five star phoenix to attempt the tier, six for six and seven for seven, People always try beat it with the least possible amount of gear, which makes it a tougher task, Don’t be afraid to gear them up , they are very useful pilots.
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