Replace PvP with Grand Arena

I’ve been playing the game for 4 years now and I find the daily grind of climbing pretty annoying by now and I would propose switching the focus from
PvP arena focus due to crystals to turn it more into a league like GA.
Let’s say you have 4
Mio gp the base reward for #1 would be 1750 crystal * (banners / matches) + 500 crystals for every 3 defended and unbeaten nodes for example (something to prevent people only putting crap on defensive)
This would give you a reward in crystals that can be equal to what you make if you get 7 Times a week number #1 rank in PvP arena while motivating you to do your GA and turns PvP arena more into a testing ground eliminating the need for a sandbox mode maybe?
Could also be used to get people more into the fleets.
Doesn’t have to be the current GA Mode but maybe something similiar.
Allthough i think it would make lower GP Players more motivated to build GA teams and build your roster faster.
Maybe matchmaking needs to be in a way then to ignore legendary chars matching whales with f2p players as they should have an edge (I am a dophin but I get you run a business here)
Sure the numbers i put above might be **** cause i didn’t think to much about it in that way. But i just wanted to transport the idea that it might be a good idea to use a well liked game mode to determine players income (which gives me a 24h period rather then a fixed time everyday) and reducing stress. While still having whales probably come out on top but giving high GP players still an income that is passable and lower gp players a sense of reward for their skill rather then their ability to spend more money.
I know with malak drama and zFinn rework, zpalp nerf etc you guys had a full plate for damage controlle but if not one meta defines your income but rather your roster and strategy/skill in 5v5 vs multiple teams might eliminate such situation in the future and giving you the opportunity to turn PvP arena into a sandbox mode.
Thanks for reading, have a great day


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