Finn in P1 HSTR

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If I add Finn to my P1 team should I drop RT or Scav Rey and why?


  • StarSon
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    Scav Rey. Finn hits harder than she does.

    Also, if you have C-3PO, you drop RT as well, and run RJT BB8 R2 C3 Finn.
  • Rhispaq
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    Still working on C3P0. I have seen a lot of people suggest dropping RT but they may have been assuming C3P0 was an option.
  • Damodamo
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    Still can’t make this squad run to more than 5.5mil :/
  • willennium
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    The reason you drop Scav Rey first is because of RT's unique that grants him 55% TM whenever an enemy gets exposed. That allows him to attack very often. Scav Rey hits harder per hit, but it doesn't matter since he goes 2 or 3x more often than her by the time your run is over.
  • jkray622
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    Plus RT can constantly remove the buffs that Nihilus steals. C3PO can prevent him from ever gaining them in the first place, but Scavenger Rey can't do anything for the buffs, and her multi hit attack gives Nihilus a lot of extra speed.
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