It has been over 8 weeks since our guild had a new applicant. I know less people are playing because of the Revan meta issue, but it doesn't seem right to have gone this long without a single applicant. We've adjusted our settings to see if that was the case. Even a noob could join now but still nothing for weeks. Prior to that, we were getting several a day. Something is broken and it needs fixed. EA Chat said that we needed to "win some wars", which we have and it hasn't fixed the situation. This needs to be resolved so our guild (or anyone else's guild) can grow and add new members.


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    Praying random,people will join in game is the worst possible way to fill or recruit, try active recruiting, there’s a section on the forum here for that, plus there are other avenues as well
  • Just because your guild isn’t getting any applicants doesn’t mean it’s broken.
  • We were routinely getting several per week, but lately zero. I know lots of people have quit the game, but it's highly odd that it just quit. Our guild is pretty good.
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    Maybe it's the shouty thread title ;)
    The CGDF is no more. Now we hate CG because of conquest. Say hi in our Discord!
  • TVF wrote: »
    Maybe it's the shouty thread title ;)

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    I hear ya on this actually, once our guild passed 140mil our recruits dropped off significantly. I was often kicking multiple newbies a day to keep spots open for higher GP players, and frequently finding them. Took us from 90mil to 140 in just a few weeks.

    Now it's been months since any randoms have joined, and now I just assume there is some back-end system that deprioritized us once we cleared HSTR or something.

    Like others I recommend active recruiting via forum posts. Maybe after all of the 200mil GP guilds fill up it'll filter down to smaller ones trying to build up stars in Geo TB. It's all we can do for now.

    Either way, good luck out there
  • We have the same issue now in our guild, it just stopped. It's like our guild stopped showing up in guild searches.
  • Switch to invite only, then back to open and it will start showing up in searches again
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    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • Crap. Got me!
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