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Hey guys!

Since i started with a new account but got my old one back, i just wanted to ask you guys for which team i should go for?! Last time i played my arena team was EP, Thrawn, Vader, Sion & Nihilus. I dropped to arena rank 1.100 and fleet 174. As of right now, getting higher in arena is almost impossible. But fleet seems alot better. Looking at my SWGOH - account, what would you guys reccomend me to go for?! Of course i'm working on ackbar, since tarkin isn't the best capital ship anymore. But any other good tips? Thanks for all responses (:

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    In all sincerity, find a strong guild willing to help you along. The state of the game currently is really tight. Every push and change that can be made to get every dime is in play. Floods of legendaries, reworks after they come out, nerfs of existing because new heroes will be less desireable, seriously.. it is not pretty.

    Arena is nothing but mirror matches

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  • That's no mirror, that's a space station!
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  • I think you might be right
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  • As someone who took more than a year off, I can tell you that you will always be behind. Look at your shard arena top spots to see how far behind you are. Their squads will tell you what you have to overcome.

    I climbed back from about 2,000th in arena to about 60th after I got Revan on the second event.

    I've since fallen into the mid 100's, since a lot of people in my shard got Darth Revan, and most of them got Malek. And now many have Padme at 7*.

    If finishing high in Arena is important to you, it'll be an uphill fight forever (depending how long you took off).

    If you want to focus on Fleets, the advice is the same. Look at the top of the leaders in the shard, and see what you'll need to beat them. Building ships and pilots, you may always be behind, unless you save resources and go all out on the next meta, if you have the crystals to stay competitive.

    If I had started over, it may have been easier, but I just couldn't see it at the time.
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    I would also suggest trying to anticipate new characters dropping by connecting them to any new TV shows and Movies coming out. For instance since you are so far behind, you might want to star and gear up Resistance and First Order characters if you don't already have them instead of trying to chase the current meta. By the time Darth Revan and Malak come around again even more people will have them and will make it that much more difficult catch up. I'm betting there will be some powerful toons from the new Star Wars movie coming out in December and they will most likely be Resistance and First Order. No guarantees this will be the case, but I think the odds are good for it.
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