Timing for Jedi Revan and Darth Malak events

Historically, legendary events return every three months. If that holds true, then the Malak event will begin closer to the beginning of July and the Jedi Revan closer to the end. The timing of this odd because if you don’t have a 7* Jedi Revan now, then there won’t be any way to get Malak until October. This is regardless of how much money you spend. I would be interested in spending to be able to get Malak in July, but I’m not going to if I know I will have three months to gear up through just playing the game for free.

The only solution would be to have the next Jedi Revan event prior to the next Malak event which would require a significant departure from the event timing in the past.


  • UdalCuain
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    We've never had an event like Malak's though, so the timing could be completely different. There's nothing to compare it to.
  • DuneFlint
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    I give it a decent chance that they conolidate all 3 to happen at the same time. Kinda like bb8 jtr or r2 cls. Not sure if that will start on the 2nd run, or later though.
  • And what about Darth revan?
  • So JKR is back, and DR was 4 weeks ago. WHERE IS MALAK?
  • He returns in 2020...when all the Whales had their fun and CG made enough money. I would bet on it that Padme returns earlier as Malak
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