Unstable Batteries is the worst TW "buff"

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I know it's already scheduled to be part of the special "bonuses" for the other TW this month with buffs. Please get rid of this bonus after that and never use it again. Sorry, but it's the dumbest "bonus" or "buff" yet. Good teams with geared up droids like BB-8, R2, 3PO and HK are penalized by this because they are susceptible to blowing up. Both this TW and last TW I ended up with a completely wasted JTR team because BB-8 blew up on their first attack of the battle and didn't do a ton of damage because the other team was basically full protection...completely derailed the entire battle without BB-8. So this "bonus" actually makes well-geared droids less useful. On the flip side, it doesn't even do much for weaker geared droids as you can take them out with junk squads. I haven't heard one person in my guild, on the forums, on reddit or on Discord indicate that they actually enjoy this "bonus".....it seems there is universal agreement that it's an awful TW bonus. So please retire it after this month.
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