Darth traya squad in sith raid...any good?

With my traya coming close to 6 stars I plan on using her as a replacement sith squad leader over my nihilus. Now is she any good in the sith raid and if so where? I havent heard or read anything about her effectiveness in the raid and was trying to figure out if she'd be any good against nihilus in phase 1 since it would appear that special attack squads are most effective against him.


  • Damodamo
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    Nope.. hstr anyway.. haven’t found anywhere that she is good for..maybe if your struggling in p2, but that’s about it..
  • Thanks for the info. I just find it weird that such a troublesome toon like traya who is a heavily sought after character for areas like grand arena and territory wars would not be used in sith raid.
  • Damodamo
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    Before raid Han was reworked he wasn’t worth anything either..

    She’s good in arena/tw/Tb/ga you can’t have everything..
  • Legend91
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