Can I get 7stars Palp with 6~7gear Phoenix??

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I have Kanon, Ezra, Hera, Zep, Chopper with 63 levels, 7 stars, And almost 4 level modes. Is it would be possible to get 7star emperor with this condition??


  • I do not think so. I just had nearly in upgraded stormtrooper hand and Princess Leia. I also used a gear level seven Biggs and admiral ackbar. Finally I used my maxed out chirrut Imwe to carry the team to victory. The Phoenix characters just are not powerful enough in general, and they would not stand a chance at that low. I think they could only beat tier six if you are luckily at that level.
  • Phoenix is very easy to develop to G8, and you will need them for Thrawn anyway, just keep working on gearing them up. You also need them for ships anyway!
  • Gear your Phoenix team up to L8, Ezra to L9. Focus on speed mods for Ezra at least. Use the stun that Zeb has by using him via Ezra and Hera too.
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