Talzin led nightsister team again traya

In phase 3 of sith raid I currently run an asajj led ns team because my talzin isn't 7 star yet. However I've noticed that in some instances that at some point during this fight whenever a ns ally is defeated they wont resurrect either by daka or ns zombie. I'm sure it has something to do with the debuff that traya inflicts but ns zombie always comes back regardless and I was just wondering if when I do get talzin ready for this raid will I expect a similar outcome of ns allies not resurrecting properly?


  • Ikaros
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    As DrBurninator said, any character defeated while they have isolate on them can't be revived. The only character that can revive through isolate is NS zombie, because her revive specifies that it cannot be prevented. This takes priority over the "prevent revives" from isolate. Kinda like an unstoppable force meets an immovable object, except in this case the immovable object always wins. There are plenty of other places to see this interaction too, like boba fett's execute and Nihilus's annihilate.
  • So traya could cancel out talzin's revival ability?
  • Is there anyway to counter it?
  • YKMisfit
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    Nope. No counter, and unlike P4, you can't cleanse it in any way. The only defense against it is to make sure zombie is taunting when Isolate is off cooldown and that she's strong enough to survive any sabres that may attack before Traya uses that ability.
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