Typical Can I 7*?


I will have EE and Wicket at 7*. Missing some omegas on the basics with +70-90 speed on each (can swap to arena mods for +100 sets). Don’t want to put more gear into them, but if it will take 4+ hours of retries, I will.


  • I did it with a full gl11 ewok team, had the zeta on Wicket over you and Logray was gl11 too. I got him first attempt but make sure you mod them for what they need. Reddit had a good breakdown on the team and how to run them. It may be hard but they are a good faction for GA/TW so not a total waste to make gl12
  • Krokovich
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    What you've got should be enough. Ive done it with paploo, chirpa and logray at g8 or g9.
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