Revamped Stores - PLEASE

Is there any plan to revamp the stores with newer characters??? For example, why couldnt you all put Aurra Sing or L3-37 in the Galactic War Store or Squad Arena Store???? I understand not putting Revan/Darth Revan requirement characters in those stores (though I wish some were; i know HK-47 is but I think you all understand where im coming from). Just feels like some of these currencies are useless at this point. Hopefully we see revamped stores...


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    No plans to put any new characters. These stores are only for shard shop currencies
  • But why? Just seems pointless. CG is just making the grind for different characters ridiculous... I can only grind for 4 characters at a time (light/dark hard nodes, ship hard nodes, and cantina battles). Used to be where you could grind for 7+ characters at a time... again, just seems like a waste....
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