When Thrawn comes around again...

Is my current Phoenix team good enough to unlock 7* (currently sitting at 100/145 while I wait)?

All toons Lvl 80, have their first Omega, and have decent mods

Ezra G10, sp 187
Hera G9+, sp 191
Chopper G9+, sp 213
Zeb G8+, sp 162
Kanan G8, sp 140

I'm tired of gear farming for them and want to shift my focus(at least gear wise) to other things.



  • Liath
    5140 posts Member
    By first omega do you mean unique omega? If so then yes.
  • All have omegas on their Basic skill except Hera, who has it on her Leader skill.
  • Liath
    5140 posts Member
    You should have spent those omegas on their uniques. The ability to share their uniques through Hera lead is what makes the team work.
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