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I’ve got several complaints to make regarding the Nute Gunray rework. For one thing, I’ve basically lost my entire squad. I had been working hard on a stealth team to work with his previous leader ability, and I loved it. He could beat most of the meta teams. And while I do have Separatists, it’s going to take quite a while before they’re up to the level of my original team. It’s one thing to improve a character, but it’s a whole different thing to completely change it. And I think he should have kept at least some of his previous stealth abilities, or you should refund people everything they’ve invested in him and their squads. (not just the leadership refund)

Another complaint that I have is, I set my Nute team up in Grand Arena the night before the rework and the day of rework you changed him within Grand Arena and I lost because of that. For all your talk about not being able to upgrade characters once they’ve been locked in, I’d think you would be a little more careful.

Edit: It’s even worse than I thought, even though I upgraded Nute’s new abilities and swapped out his mods, those changes won’t show up on Grand Arena. So his old abilities are gone and he’s stuck with the wrong mods and his new abilities at level one.
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    So they refund his leader
  • Phoenixeon wrote: »
    So they refund his leader

    Yup. That’s the only refund you get.

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    Just like with the HK rework, completely redesigning a character and changing how he works entirely. HK going from the best Droid leader, a lead that we still have not got replaced yet leaving droids still terrible, to a character that has to be under DR to do anything.

    And now Nute, we've now lost our stealth leader, gotta feel for the people like the OP here who actually invested in a team like this, unfortunately, as I've learnt, CG don't really care about you. They never do compensation right, they never do.
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    They really did you dirty, @Cruella1989. It’s hard to know where to put resources if everything is changing all the time. I mean, everyone praises the fact that Rex is such an all-purpose leader, but with Geonosis TB about to start, how long will that last?

    I’ve got to say, I really like the Nute rework. (But they should do a total refund for those who intended to use him as an AP leader.) It’s more in keeping with his character, and I think the Extortion/Profit mechanic is interesting. I would say, though, that restricting his kit so that it’s only good with Separatists is not in keeping with his character. He will work with whoever gives him the best chance at winning. But I understand why CG did this, which leads me to my second point...

    Second, I understand that restricting the characters that an ability will help makes it easier to keep everything working as intended, but I don’t like the hard turn toward squads that are mostly faction-based. It allows much less room for theory crafting and makes the game less fun. Now, instead of actually thinking about how to beat someone, I’ve just got to find a counter to their faction squad is and use it. And yeah, people can get creative with squads, but hybrid or hodgepodge squads are usually a lot weaker now.

    I still enjoy the game, but I don’t know...
  • Congratulations for making a Nute lead team work at all before his rework, but really he's a lot better and more fun now. Just give him a chance with an open mind, put him with the other separatists. Sometimes in order to create you have to destroy something else first.
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