How can this guy be top 1 in my fleet shard? 2m gp among 3.5-4m gp guys and no character maxed in his roster. No meta ships used by him..pls investigate. His name is canadec ingame


  • APX_919
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    Any suspicions regarding cheating should be forwarded to CG_Leviathan with your ally code, the accused's ally code and evidence supporting your allegations.

    Be prepared to wait a long time for movement against cheaters, big backlog to go through and a lot of "I lost so he clearly cheated!" fluff for him to sort past to get to the real issues.
    "Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen...mostly"
  • Itsjustaplayer
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    I easily beat this guy just look at his roster. No,my issue is that how can he be this high on arena with such a garbage compilation of ships... Thanks for the advice tho.
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