Strongest individual toons for sith raid

At the moment I'm in a slump caused by slow gear 12+ salvage and have pretty much all necessary sith raid squads developed to the point where I just need a few more gear to completely finish them. Now my sights are set on looking into individual toons who are reliable in sith raid. In the past I read that magmatrooper is a good choice at high gear levels but who else?


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    The hard hitters of each team. For example:
    P1 - JTR: Finn or RT
    P2 - JKR: GMY
    P3 - Deathstorm: Asajj / Chexmix: Zolo
    P4 - NS: Asajj
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  • I was actually looking at other potential toons outside of the recommended squads for each phase. Thanks for the reply though. My biggest issue is trying to boost my damage output to increase my rank for better gear rewards and right now I'm looking for toons who could work well in sith raid who aren't part of the popular squads.
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    Sith raid is about teams, not about individual toons. Ofcourse some team members are more beneficial to have high gear than other team members, but it's very hard to give you 1 individual toon that is the strongest for the sith raid.
    Personally i'd look for as much overlap as possible between a team/toon being both usefull in raids aswell as outside of raids.
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    Wampa might be one of the very few stand alone chars that doesn't need a crazy team synergy and still rocks in p2. Besides that he's great for pvp purpose (TW/GA) aswell.
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  • I like Sabine and Zaalbar for thier armor shreds. In a team like FO you can get some extra damage in P2, or on Sion in P4.

    Also bounty hunters can boost damage, either Embo lead P1 and Aurra lead p3.

    And there's a ROLO team for P3, and I've heard good things about Dooku P3.
  • Although I'm thinking a g12+ modded for damage Dooku could do some P1 damage going under the protection
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