Best leia for commander Luke team

So I've been running pricess leia like forever in my commander Luke rebel team (han, chewie and r2) mainly because she seems like a decent choice with her multiple hit basic and hp and protection recovery and critical chance granting abilities which make her a useful party member. However how does rolo fair in this setup? Sure she has an aoe attack and attack boost to her unique but I currently only have her at gear 7 so she only sees use in rebel territory battles. So which of the 2 would be a better replacement?


  • DarthAndy
    105 posts Member
    Neither. Get 3po and use him in that team.

    Regular Leia though, if you have to
  • Rath_Tarr
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    Princess Leia is a good drop-in attacker for any Rebel squad but her crit chance buff is kinda redundant on a team that includes raid Han. If you don't have 3PO, perhaps another Rebel attacker like Ezra (dispell & call assist) or a tank like Old Ben (taunt & AoE ability block).
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