Is attacking traya before lightsabers a good idea in phase 3?

Let me set the situation. Its phase 3 of the sith raid and my best resistance, revan and nightsister squads have all been defeated. As a total I've dealt at least 6 to 7 million in damage in the raid. My only concern now is to use cannon fodder teams as a means to inflict the most damage in hopes of improving my rank as the end result. Would I be better off simply attacking traya and avoiding the lightsabers due to the lower level of my other toons or just wait until phase 4 when traya is by herself to do anything? Again my focus is dealing more damage not so much about surviving if that clears anything up


  • Gannon
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    P3 is the best place to throw junk toons if your goal is just to squeak out some extra damage, imo. Take any 5 junk toons, the more attackers the better, go in and immediately stand alone with your hardest hitting of the group. Works even better if they counter.
  • Tbirds01
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    Just attack Traya.
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  • ashbbk
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    You can wait for P4 and target Scion only in P4 to increase your damage. Do not bother with Nihilus, as he recovers protection more often, it is hard to deal damage to him with weaker teams. Instead try to avoid his anihilate and focus on Scion.
  • Ok thanks for the input. I have a surplus of 7 star toons who aren't well developed either because they are very old and no longer useful anywhere or I just havent bothered to get them better prepared for high end combat (mostly gear 8 or 9 toons)
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