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    To Yae and Dark: Can’t see your match ups but you both seem to be underestimating the characters in the 3.4 to 3.6 range. But none of that matters anymore...sandbagging for easy wins has been HEAVILY discouraged by GA Championship which puts you in a division based on GP and the new prequels territory that requires the guild to get 80 million GP! I also can’t prove how good I am at managing resources (its a matter of opinion anyway) but in general hoarding resources does not work so well when you can use them to grow faster. The strategy you suggest works for those spending in the short term...and looks like the tide has turned. I really have not been playing that long and am ahead of the curve for GP with the bottle neck of gear being part of the problem and the fact I was mostly free to play and focused on ships burning me in GA. But EA is really encouraging you develop every viable team you can....with the only place this hurts you bad being Grand Arena...guess that is fair. I expect less people will be trying to keep Galactic Power ultra low and hope to have more even match ups.

    "I I expect less people will be trying to keep Galactic Power ultra low" the problem with is statement is that CG likes to change their minds and screw everybody. The reason why match was an issue in the first place was because CG originally encouraged us to build our rosters. Fast forward to GA then CG decided that most of your roster is deadweight.
    Should everyone just trust they wont flip flop in a few months?
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    That's not what Carrie said.
    If you mean that the podcast interviewer said it....and she agreed with this...so she did not “say it” than your right. Not sure why we are now arguing about the fact that you can’t get to the top of the meta without money (or maybe hacks?). We have YouTubers who show the most effective way to buy the top level characters. As in the CHEAPEST way to get to the top.
    You are ascribing a great deal to that sentence.

    Things I already explained in moderate detail. That soundbite is not from any interview. It's from a Twitter conversation, and taken so far out of context as to be utterly mutilated.
    Still not a he.
  • IF they (CG) see a potential to increase revenues short term or long term, they will make the changes. What we want has never mattered.
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