Suggestion for GA matchmaking

It's been stated and acknowledged that the current GP system of matchmaking greatly discourages putting any resources into any but the absolute best characters. Not only does it use up the resources but it bloats your GP and pits you against harder opponents.

I have a suggestion. When you join the GA it opens up a screen similar to the TB deployment screen. On this screen you get to choose which of your characters will be included in the GA. Anything you don't choose can't be used and doesn't count towards your GP. Then we're free to advance characters that we like even if they're not very good.

Another possibility is that you set your power threshold. Any character with a power below that threshold won't be used and won't count towards your GP.

I'm just trying to think of ways that don't penalize you for building random characters based on very specific uses or mistakes.



  • As far as I know GA rewards are the same for any GP tier. What would stop a fully maxed out player to select the exact number of toons required for a perfect offense and defense and then beat everybody in that GP range without competition?
  • Hmm, that does sound bad. But my idea would be that everyone would do that. Everyone would trim the fat and use the smallest number of squads they thought they could get away with. Then the arsenal of g12s would go against other arsenals of g12s. You might have some people choosing the use more characters, and they would be pit against players with fewer, better characters and maybe they would lose. But then next time they could trim out some more squads and go against weaker opponents. It could be another layer of strategy before the match is even set up.

    There could also be some incentive to use more GP, better rewards like in TW for instance.

    What do you think?
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