TW "fare" matchmaking

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Almost every TW we have an opponent that is about 20M+ more then us. The last one was 27M+. Here are the details:


...and s.o.

We have never played against team with less GP then us since TW were started.

It's pretty obvious that there's nothing like fair matchmaking in TW and that some guilds are prioritized over the others. All the players in my guild want someone from development/managment team to explain
us what are the exact parameters of this prioritizing - just the guilds that give lots of money are matched against guilds paying a small amount of money... or there's also additional components?

Thanks you in advance!


  • Liath
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    What do you mean by “some guilds are prioritized over others”? If a higher GP guild doesn’t have everyone sign up (whether that’s an intentional direction or the result of individual player choice), that guild may be matched against a lower GP guild because the two guilds have the same amount of “active GP” among people actually playing the TW. Claiming that guilds that spend more get easier matchups by design is utter nonsense.

    Regardless, the devs are never going to tell us what the detailed matching criteria are.
  • Aggaire
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    I think this might be the issue. If it's primarily GP of active participants, then a few (say 30) very high GP members of one guild could conceivably go up against many more (45) lower GP members of another guild. They could have the same total GP, but one would wipe the floor with the other.

    But it could be average GP of active participants, or it could be any number of other calculations...
  • zenn
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    Yeah, actually you're both right - and that makes the things even worse. 30 whales that have all the key toons will crush any guild that plays against them with 50 players (imagine me playing against a whole guild 5-10M - they'd had no chance). If they are so "clever", ok - let them play against another geniuses with the same number of registered players. So yes - the matchmaking is not fare and gives an advantage to the p2p guilds.
  • zenn
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    Wow! Now you really excelled yourself:
    Great job! Thank you so much for completely ruining the game!
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