Carth Onasi Old Republic Teams

What is the most efficient faction to use against these in TWs? Don't want to overkill, but obviously want to kill them efficiently with one attack.



  • Rex, wampa, Chaze +1 do the trick for teams without all 3 zetas. We cleared a load today where 2 of zalbaar, mission, Carth had zetas with that team.
  • If any of your guildies acquired 3po, they should know how to use Ewoks well enough to chisel them away. I can use my decently modded 1 zeta, 79,000 gp ewoks consistently on 89-95000 GP all gold and or zetad squads.
  • Jarvind
    2610 posts Member
    Daze completely neuters them. Also, Mission is squishy, so if you have a way to get around Z's auto taunt, you can blow her up quickly and drastically reduce their damage output.
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