Who to max for 3PO?

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So, as the title indicates I’m farming for 3PO right now, and will probably have my Ewoks 7star for the next time the event comes around, except for Logray, who will most likely remain 6star.

Now my question is who is the most important to have high gear level, as most of them are around 9-10, and I can probably take 2 of them to g11 and have the rest at 10. Who should that be? Since I didn’t play the event I’m not sure if it’s more important to Gear paploo to have a durable tank or to gear wicket to have more DPS, I would like some advice on this from veterans.

Also taking into account that I probably won’t get to use my logray in T7, so that will make it harder, therefore more important to chose wisely who to prioritize gearing.


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