GA Battle Progress Lost

So I just had a CRAZY weird error/bug - which I've reported - but leaves me a bit **** off.

On my 2nd attempt vs. Qi'ra, Young Han, L337, Vandor, & Nest squad, I took in CLS, Han, Chewy, 3P0, Scav Rey.

Now I realize that CLS is bad choice for Nest, but my objective was to take out the other 4 - which I did successfully, and deal with Nest in a 3rd attempt.

In fact, Rey got Nest down to 2 health bars before the Protection lock-up kicked in. Thus, I sat back and let it time out from there.

I minimized the app before the timer had expired to check a text message. I come back a couple of minutes later and a pop-up displays on my screen which said "GA Event Concluded" or something to that effect. I did not screenshot that because I thought it to be some sort of game fart. So I clicked through that, and the game dumped me back onto main Cantina screen (rather than GA screen).

I then go back into GA to find that while the Qi'ra squad attempt counter reflected my 2nd attempt had occurred, BUT ALL 5 SQUAD MEMBERS REMAINED AS IF THEY HADN'T BEEN KILLED!

AND.... CLS, Han, Chewy, 3P) & Rey were all GONE from my inventory.

I started a ticket, EA called me back, verified my report details, had me on hold for 5 minutes, came back and told me that they would investigate it as a bug, but for the time being I'm S.O.L.

Luckily I have the lead and I don't think my opponent has any good attack squads left, but still, ouch.
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