The lost art of Galactic War

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A simple player’s evolution; When TW was first unveiled an implemented, I detested it. It was a game-mode I had absolutely no interest in. This feeling lasted for quite awhile. Then you all did something sneaky…You introduced GA. Now call it an ego thing, or a pride thing, but everyone (my thoughts anyway) wants to be relevant and competitive at their respective tier. I’m no exception. What was sneaky about this new game-mode was that as I delved into it, developing teams, learning counter, etcetera …It **** me in to giving a $#!& about TW’s!

Now, I’m not a game-changer, nor am I a beta-tester, so here is my dilemma. I have no “sand-box” to test squad in, how they interact with each other, what specific leadership bonuses are useful, which are not so useful. GW would be a perfect “sand-box” for this purpose, but it is not when you can 1-shot an entire opposition squad from node 1 though node 12.

I remember the days when I could not complete all 12 nodes in GW. I can remember cursing at it, thinking that the GW achievement was something I would never obtain. You all listened to the player base and made numerous tweaks and adjustments to GW to the point now it’s a SIM for many players, and mostly an after thought.

I think it’s time to revisit GW. Make it a game-mode that is useful and serves a purpose again, other than just being a footnote in completing daily activities. Leave the ability to SIM for players who choose that, but once you reach the threshold where you gain the ability to SIM, ramp the difficulty level up! You all can see what squads and compositions are being placed in TW and GA, have GW pull these comps so we can face and test against them. You already have the ability to tier TW and GA levels so for the most part it is like facing like. Use this to tier GW so I’m facing a 7*, G12+, fully Zeta’d Darth Revan comp! I know that I for one, and I’m sure that there are many more in my situation, that would appreciate a change to GW that would give us the ability and an area in the game to test ideas, squad comps, and just be more of a challenge over all.

Thank you for listening. @CG_Carrie @CG_SBCrumb
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