Bug in bug bug forum

I try to submit a bug report on the bug forum page but i can’t submit. It only allow me to “preview’ and submit button is grey out.
How do you submit the post ?



  • UdalCuain
    3160 posts Member
    Have you filled in every box, including:
    What is the bug?
    How do we replicate it?
    and Further details?
  • Xhedao
    179 posts Member
    Either some point above has no entry or you have no letters in the atrachement
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  • vincentlondon
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    edited May 2019
    Yes i filled all the fields and try to do it a 2nd time but still same problem. Maybe it doesnt work from iphone but only from a computer ?
  • Kyno
    22220 posts Moderator
    Try typing more into the last box than NA.

  • TVF
    18997 posts Member
    We need more bugs in the bug bug forum.
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