Readiness Check for 5*

Finishing off last few shards on Vet Han for JTR, so behind on my CC. He is my focus next.

Does this look like I can unlock at least a 5* C-3PO?

As an FYI my Scout is 6* (84 shards) 7/7/7, gear 7.
Wicket is only 2*, fresh unlock.

Thanks in advance.


  • I honestly don't know... it's a possibility. You have 14 days until the event ends. If you buy a cantina refresh a day with crystals you can get about 7 Chirpa shards a day, would that get you an extra star on Chirpa? My biggest concern for you at this point are your speeds.
  • Kai_Mulai
    683 posts Member
    Your gear is fine for 5*. I unlocked C-3PO at 5* with similar gear, maybe a bit worse. But Chef_Tasty is right: you need them much faster. I took my 5 fastest mod sets and put them on my Ewoks for the event. I’d recommend that for you, if you don’t have enough high speed mods to go around.
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