Grand Arena Championships MEGATHREAD

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Check out the brief overview of the upcoming feature, Grand Arena Championships here!

Got questions about Grand Arena Championships? Ask them here!


  • DanTheDork17
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    I haven’t seen anything on here about this(unless I missed it) so here you go.
  • Crumb just posted this lol rip me.
  • How will matchmaking be handled. Will Kyber simply be those with the highest GP? Are players matched via GP no matter what league they are in?

    If a "season" is several weeks, are we going to see a traditional GA round as we do now with 8 players per round? Single elimination style as we have now or will we have divisions, mutiple matches per player per round to give us an even tougher challenge?
  • Bettz
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    Looks very interesting. Are you able to comment more on the "touger opponents." Will they still be within a reasonably close gp range or could you face significantly higher gp opponents?
  • @CG_SBCrumb

    This looks really cool! With the different leagues, will losses in rounds/battles cause a reduction in league? Are league ranks reset after every championship?
  • So pretty much Grand Arena Championships is a copy of another EA Game. The Commanders and Rivals game. Literally it’s almost Exactly the same,lol. The only reason I noticed is because I’ve been playing the game the past few days.
  • Is this going to completely replace the current GA format or we will have both running at the same time? Thanks!
  • SamoBudo wrote: »

    How wrong can you be. This is by far the best part of SWGH. If you don't like it don't play it.

    Not as wrong as you, because it is definitely the worst.
  • This looks cool. Can't wait!
  • Gifafi
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    If the rewards aren’t better than the garbage ga rewards I’ll have a hard time caring
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • John_Matrix1985
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    This gives players who dominate at a medium-high GP a chance to battle tougher opponents. It's only fair that the tougher the opposition the higher the rewards.

    I'm all for this.

    Let's leave it out with calling out other people on the forum ~Rtas
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  • Ultra
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    Do you get demoted for losing?

    Seems fantastic and I’m looking forward to it
  • Ultra wrote: »
    Do you get demoted for losing?

    Seems fantastic and I’m looking forward to it

    Yep pretty sure you do. The first notes mentioned that ranks 1-4 Get promoted

    Along with this what I want to see is a knockout system. Eventually there will be a final group of 8. Hopefully these battles will be live streamed or something
  • Great... SWGOH slips further and further into the Yu-Gi-Oh-But-With-Star-Wars abyss..
    Or is it Pokemon-But-With-Star-Wars....

    *Shrug* Six of one, a half dozen of the other.

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    I’m so excited! This is the content I been waiting for!!! Grand arena was already great to play and fun to watch so this seems like an amazing upgrade to it!
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  • Xtractor
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    I like GA, but I'm not sure about how matchmaking will work in this. In regular GA we're already supposed to face evenly matched opponents. In GA Championship, will we start off facing undermatched opponents and progress to overmatched opponents? If so, I don't see the point. Why would I want to face an undermatched or overmatched opponent? The fun of GA is trying to defeat evenly matched opponents. But I'll wait and see in case I'm missing something.
  • mali3538
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    1. When? Eta? (in coming weeks.... That is just so like Soon, and i hate Soon.. I wait soon every day.. Addict i know)
    2. New currency.... Means new shop filled with what?
    3. Again 24h setup and 24h battle or button "DONE GO TO NEXT PHASE" with 24h limit?
    4. Rewards difference? If is low no one will bother to get promotion to Kyber
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