Cantina credits....

It's my opinion that EA needs to increase the amount of Cantina credits you receive each mission to use towards upgrades in the Cantina shipments section. It takes me multiple games to earn 400 credits for a shipment of 5 shards. Galactic is so much better setup and I hope EA makes them the same. In Galactic, I can earn 100 credits a mission versus only 13 doing the Cantina and it makes upgrading characters much faster....


  • In cantina though you get shard drops and ability mats and crafts component and exp. Kind of levels it out I feel.
  • Plus in cantina you constantly regeneration energy and can buy more energy with crystal. GW is 1 full run per day PERIOD. While I do feel 20 or thereabouts would be more rewarding for energy, I don't think it should equal GW
  • This needs addressing. The amount of cantina credit you get is completely out of whack with everything else in the game.
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