Phoenix squads

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What is the best team, synergy-wise, to use against Phoenix? They get me almost every time!


  • fseixas
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    I used BH with great success.
  • camper288
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    Just about any team passes the tractor over the phoenix. Examples:

    1) Emperor, Vader and more 3 Imperial. If the emperor survives for a long time, Kanan and Erza lose 40 per cent of life per share and the remaining 20 per cent without counting the shock
    2) Admiral Ackbar, Leia, Old Ben and two other characters I used Han ST and Barriss. I used this team a lot to climb on top of the phoenix in the arena.
    3) Bastila and four more Jedi

    Options for pouncing phoenix are plentiful
  • tbh you should also go for phoenix because you will need them to get Thrawn, one of the best characters in the game, and also you could use them for Emperor Palpatine to starting building new Empire squad, which will then crush phoenix.
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