Trying to solo HAAT with my Jedi Knight Revan team.

What mods do you recommend?

I currently have the following:
Jedi Knight Revan = Speed and Crit Chance (offence secondaries)
Grand Master Yoda = Crit Damage and Crit Chance (offense secondaries)
Bastila = Speed and Health (offense secondaries)
Jolee = Speed and Health
Hermit Yoda = Speed and Health

I tried doing it earlier today but I couldn't solo P1 (I came down to 13% remaining and got killed).

Oh and here's my account.


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    I would try ezra instead of jolee
    Or maybe cls
  • Puddis95
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    But I dont think u have enough damage to clear p2
  • I used to run this team a while back and I'm sure you know but in case not... it's pretty arduous to use CG language ;)
    I had:
    Revan ~305 speed, +offense (don't remember how much)
    GMY: >7000 special offense, 42% CD triangle, 225 speed
    Hermit yoda: ~295 speed
    Jolee: 230 speed, 63k health
    Bastila: ~260 speed

    The main tactical bits I tried to keep in mind were 1) Use Reven's TM swap on bastila when the boss is over 50% health, and use it on GMY when under 50%. 2) Use all other assist calls on GMY. 3) count GMY's turns and make sure to use his buff spread on the 3rd turn after Bastila gives them to him. 4) once you get to enraged in P2 and P3 make use of Hoda's health equalization after Jolee revive if possible.

    Dropping a bit of special offense to get a CD set and maybe a bit more speed on GMY is probably useful (for the raids) but I was using my arena mods at the time so I had an offense set and not much speed.

    P1 is quite RNG but if you have enough speed and offense you should just about get through it especially if the TM swapping is done as I mentioned. P2 you should get to about 20% remaining at enraged then I found the first few times I failed miserably but after you get used to it it becomes very consistent. It's really difficult to use the health equalization properly to increase Jolee's health, so he doesn't survive forever but should be long enough to do around 20%. Pretty much the same in P3, until you get to enraged you can leave killing the side droids to AOEs but make sure you kill them all ASAP when you are in enraged.

    Best of luck
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