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Hello I'm running with squad: Lord Sidious(leader), Luminara, Luke Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano and I'm looking for last squad unit that is probably easly acquireable.


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    Jedi Consular is solid and quick to farm. And 2 heals is the usual setup.

    Problem is you would have to sacrifice your Luke cantina energy shards to farm JC. If you have Luminara or Sidious near 7* I would finish them off and pick somebody from those shipments to focus on instead.
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    Well, you have a lot of the bases covered. Aoe and heal block, group heal and ability block, high damage dealer, medium damage dealer/off-healer. You are lacking in buffs and dispell though. To close holes in your team, there are a lot of options. Here are some in the order which i personally would persue them:
    1. Poggle. Easy farm from shipments and nodes, but may compete with your luminara shards. However, poggle will give you an additional ability block and an awesome team offense buff. He will synergise very well into your team, as he can buff on round 1 when luminara is ability blocking, and then ability block on round 2 when luminara is healing.
    2. Stormtrooper Han. This guy will speed your whole team up like crazy, and pull attacks. If you go this route, and since you already have Luke, then you may want to farm Admiral Ackbar from the canteena to use as your team leader. Ackbar brings an off-heal, allowing you to replace Ashoka, he has a dispell, and as the leader, adds awesome speed to Han and Luke.
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