Reform arena mechanichs

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I enthusiastically celebrate the direction in which the game is going: more PvP competitive in a less time constrained scheme. You have 24h to do your thing and be done with it.

Now arena has completely lost its original intention (being the way to compete PvP). I think this covers 99.9% of the players:

-don’t have a good enough team/strategy/mods to climb up
-have them but **** in their arena don’t allow them to climb
-have them and are in a mafia chat so they take their payout without a lot of fuss (and also without competition)

In all the cases you must be playing at the o’clock to maximize rewards which is quite annoying. The people in the second group are just screwed and cannot do anything about it.

Many suggestions have been proposed (for example a minimal change to arena is that you get the reward for the best position you have been in the last x hours before your payout). But I think this game mode should totally be reformed to go in the same direction as the rest of the game, this is, eliminate the need to be active at certain times to get rewards. This is the most annoying thing of arena.

There are many sexy ways of making arena more enjoyable and even more competitive while making it more pleasant to play at the same time. Allowing players to choose the time of the payout was huge. I think now we need a second improvement.

What do you think?


  • Cleverly hidden shard reshuffle request.
  • SCCH
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    Nope, shard reshuffling will fix nothing
  • Kyno
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    As the dev team recognized in the QA, any changes to arena need to made with a lot of forethought. Many players have designed every plan and choice they make around this income source and changing that could destroy the player base..... so no, cant think of any non game destroying options.

    In the last QA they said they would not be pursuing direction(highest rank over X time). I for 1 agree, but that's just me.
  • Waqui
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    So, you want to eliminate the competitive aspect of the arena(s) and instead turn it into a shard based GW?
  • SCCH
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    Waqui wrote: »
    So, you want to eliminate the competitive aspect of the arena(s) and instead turn it into a shard based GW?

    Nope, all I say is that arenas are NOT competitive right now, in the sense that not the best team/smarter strategy wins. You win more rewards if you can play at the o’clock and you are not unlucky enough to find yourself in an unpleasant shard. If you satisfy both conditions you’ll get a daily 1, else you will struggle. Irrespective of how competitive you and your strategies are. That’s my whole point.
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