How should I mod my Ewoks for the C3P0 event?

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OK the Ewoks I am running are Chief Chirpa with zeta gear 11 as lead, Paploo gear 12, Logray gear 12, Ewok Elder gear 12, Wicket gear 11. Chief Chirpa will likely be gear 12 by then if the RNG blesses me. I also have Ewok Scout gear 10, and Teebo gear 8 but don't plan on using them. I feel my Ewoks should be up to the task if they are modded correctly, am I right?

Thing is I am not sure the best way to mod them for maximum effect. Whatnstats should I focus on whom?

Anyway thanks for any advice.


  • Check on and go to protocal droid and they have "a Quick(ish) guide to Murderbears" and it tells you what your mod set up should be
  • Kai_Mulai
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    Basically, you want speed on everybody, critical chance on Wicket, and potency on Logray. Mine aren’t perfect, but I have roughly what you should be looking for regarding speeds, etc.
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