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Hi Holotable Heroes,

Today we released Shaak Ti’s kit and as usual, we want to give you some insight into why we decided to bring this character to the game. If you aren’t familiar with this Togruta Jedi,
Jedi Master Shaak Ti personally oversaw the training and development of clone forces on Kamino during the Clone Wars. This wise general and member of the Jedi High Council expected much from the clones, but she was also known for valuing their lives as individuals, not just rank and file troops. In battle, Shaak Ti is a fierce Leader who significantly increases the power of Clone Trooper allies. She can call an Assault Team to attack, and her Heightened Reflexes are especially effective against enemies who deal damage to multiple Clones at once.

  • Q: Why are we excited about this character?
  • A: Shaak Ti is primarily known for her work training the Clone Troopers and that was an interesting opportunity for us to create additional synergies for a clone team with a new leader. It’s also the third Togruta in the game!

  • Q: What makes Shaak Ti unique or special compared to other Jedi?
  • A: We’ve seen some role specific bonuses in abilities previously (Ezra for example) but her special ability will boost Clone Troopers based on their role. There are also some calls out Galactic Republic Jedi in her kit that will allow her to join a couple different squad combinations. Her unique also is constantly handing out Retribution to Clone Trooper allies and helps improve the survivability of a Clone squad.
  • Q: What scenes or moments were you trying to capture?
  • A: Much of our source material for Shaak Ti came from the Clone Wars TV show and in the first episode of Season 3, she is tasked with dealing with Fives and Echo’s initial Clone training. I thought it would be interesting if her kit reflected this history.
  • Q: Why did we create this character and in what roles does this team shine?
  • A: We were looking to create another Jedi character for the upcoming Territory Battles on Geonosis and Shaak Ti was a clear choice to reinforce the Clone Troopers. I don’t think the Shaak Ti is going to be at the top of Arena but it’s a solid offensive squad for Territory Wars and Grand Arena.

  • Team Line Ups and Specific Synergies:
  • An all Clone squad is the preferred setup for this team but you can sub in some of the powerful Galactic Republic Jedi to shore up your squad if needed.
  • Mod Advice:
  • Shaak Ti mainly wants Speed, Health mods. For your squad on the other hand, you’ll want Speed and Protection to synergize with her Protection recovery for Clone allies.
  • Key stats to Use or Avoid:
  • Try to give Critical Avoidance to Fives to make him a stronger tank when he is forced to Taunt from Shaak Ti’s Assault Team ability.
  • Attack Priority:
  • I’d normally open the battle with Assault Team to deal maximum damage and give Fives taunt to keep your team alive. Then you’ll either want to dispel using her basic or use Training Exercises to augment a Clone ally while dishing out some damage with that ally.

  • Q: Are there any special interactions you want to highlight?
  • A: When facing Shaak Ti, deciding when to attack Shaak Ti is an interesting conundrum. Your choice is between, giving her team tons of turn meter and Retribution if you attack her or you leave her alone and she calls her Clones allies in to assist.
  • Shaak Ti is the only character currently to show the role of each of her allies during battle. You'll see a pop up above each allies head at the start of her turn that will help you remember which Clone you want to use Training Exercises on.
  • Q: What should we know about this character that we may not notice at first glance?
  • A: If you read her kit carefully you may notice that she calls clones to assist twice with a combination of her Special 2 and synergizes with her leader ability to give even more out of turn bonuses. Shaak Ti is going to be dishing out lots of health and protection gain to her team. I also wanted to note that the bonuses from Training Exercises persists between encounters so Shaak Ti will be particularly effective in modes like Territory Battles and any other multi-encounter events.

Shaak Ti is designed to bolster up your Clone Trooper team, improving their viability in Grand Arena and Territory Wars. She is also a very fun character to play with tactically with several abilities that call assists and some interesting choices to choose which role based effect to utilize in the moment.
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