Well that was quick...


  • I'm sure there are tons laying around from the Yoda event that weren't being used. Now she will get dusted off and put out in circulation.
  • Just tried her out in a light side battle, she seemed to lose the unique buffs after a killing blow. Her HP bar before the killing blow looked like JCs and after like a 4* character. Bug?
  • I have her on both of my accounts out of Bronzium pulls, and have her at a decent strength on one of them, as I got her really early and she was better than the Jawa, etc. Then leveled her up some more for the Yoda event. Will try her out in GW, and maybe in arena too.
  • Yes she loses her buff on a killing blow.
  • @John_Matrix1985 hey, thats our server. Greetings :)
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