Please change TB reward delivery

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The TB reward distribution system needs to change. I don't understand how being removed from the guild after rewards are issued can prevent a player from claiming their hard earned rewards.

This has been such a negative experience for me in this game. The guild leader claimed his rewards and then removed myself and a few other players in the guild to make room for others assuming that because he received his rewards everyone must have. But apparently you must still be a member of the guild to claim rewards. This seems broken and really needs to be addressed.

For something a player has no control of its so terrible that not even customer service can provide any remediation.

Please address how TB rewards are distributed. No one should have to go through this terrible experience like I have.


  • wildfire
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    Also if someone is removed before the end of the event they should earn rewards for whatever the star count is at the time of their removal. Yes this means they don't receive identical rewards to the rest of the guild but they did contribute to that star count.

    With how important TB rewards are to progressing in the game it is a terrible experience to have a whole weeks with of rewards vanish without any control of the player.
  • TVF
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  • TB runs twice a month so missing out on a week's worth of rewards sets you back a few weeks as you need to wait until the next TB awards are given. So that's another 2 weeks until you get the currency you need to finish buying Malak or Hermit Yoda or Wampa. Or two weeks of not having enough guild event tokens to purchase the gear you are seeing in the store.
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